Full Body Assessment

Full body structural chiropractic assessment and correction


Our approach to the evaluation is much different than other practitioners. We will assess the anatomical and physiological functions of the body, like some doctors. We will also correlate the orthopedic, neurological and postural functions of the body, similar to most doctors. But we will do the examination with much more detail and demonstrate for you the connection to how your body is working. That is, correlate the findings to your complaints of pain, altered motion and discomfort.   

In addition to the approaches above, we will also address the imbalances placed upon your body due to the effects of your head, spine, pelvis, hips and feet.  

There is a correlation of your head positioning relative to the rest of your body. Where does it rest above your spine? Is it forward, back or to either side? What is the alignment of the cranial bones relative to your spine? Is your head balanced on your spine or is your spine trying to hold up your uncentered head? Are your skull bones appropriately articulating with your upper neck vertebrae?  

Most chiropractors are concerned with the spine.  Fewer address the three-dimensional nature of the pelvis, sacrum and hip bones related to the rest of the spine above. The tailbone (sacrum) is the base of the spine, its positioning sets the alignment for everything above it. The position of the sacrum is relative to the position of each of the pelvic bones. Those pelvic bones are being supported by the hip bones (femur) of the leg. Is the pelvis level or twisted? Is there rotation in one hip or the other? Is this support being held up on level feet? The feet are the base of the standing spine. Are the feet level and balanced? Is there foot pain or discomfort in the foot, ankle or arches? This usually indicates that something in the foot is out of alignment.  

These are all issues that are addressed in the structural assessment to determine what needs to be done to bring the body back into balance. Once these issues have been identified, corrections can now be made.  

We combine numerous techniques from both chiropractic and osteopathic therapy to fully correct the alignment of the skull bones, as they sit on the spine, to ensure proper balance and allowing for less interference to the nervous system. We address the head alignment relative to the rest of the body especially the neck and shoulders. We specifically correct the pelvis to ensure that the spine has a stable base to rest upon. It could be the tailbone or pelvis causing imbalance for the spine above. We identify and correct the imbalance. Eventually the feet must be addressed and corrected, each bone and joint of the foot has the ability to move.  That could be into alignment or out of alignment. If the foot is out of alignment, the pelvis and spine above most likely cannot be straight or balanced.  

These are the steps required for whole-body assessment to ensure that the proper corrections are made for optimal results.  

Now is the time for you to get checked. How much better would your body run if it were perfectly aligned and tuned. We tune and align our cars; shouldn't we be equally smart about our own bodies? For more information on how Aloha Wellness in North Central San Antonio, TX can get you optimal results, call 210-377-3379, or schedule an appointment!

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