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Full body biochemical nutritional assessment and correction

Nutrition testing

Our approach to the evaluation is much different than other practitioners. We assess the biochemical and physiological functions of the body, like some doctors. We will also correlate your complaints to the orthopedic, neurological and physiological functions of the body, like some doctors. But we will do the examination with much more detail and demonstrate for you the connection between your findings and how your body is working. That is, correlate the findings to your complaints, whether it's dysfunction, pain, altered motion or discomfort. 

In addition, we will also address the imbalances placed upon your body due to the effects of your life, that is, your environment, habits, nutrition, activity and health profile.  

There is a high correlation of how well you feel and what findings are present when you see the doctor. Often, lab results and your physiology (biochemistry) indicate how your body is working. At other times, it may reflect the true state of function. At times we feel better than the tests indicate and at others we feel worse. This leads us to a number of different questions - Why am I sick? Why won't this pain go away? Why do my labs show that there is something going on in me? Why can't my regular doctor figure out what is giving me symptoms? Why do I feel run down, fatigued or lack energy? Why can't I sleep well? 

Chiropractors who use nutrition in practice typically have two methods for addressing health through nutrition. The first, is to address your concerns with the nutrients in your diet and introduce supplementation. Secondly, they'll choose the organ system or complaints that seem most important to them, and thus you. They will guess, through their best reasoning, which organs or tissue systems are involved with your complaints and try multiple types of supplements to remedy the condition. Often, without lasting success. Fewer doctors address the individualized nature of each person’s differing biochemical nature. Fewer still are the practitioners that will address the most important corrections first.

In our proprietary system, Nutrition Response Testing, we can determine the hierarchy of necessity of correction for the body. We combine numerous techniques from Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Meridian Therapy and other therapies to evaluate the functions of the body. We then determine what is necessary to assist the body back to fully healing and repairing itself. In our hierarchy, we address the function of the Autonomic Nervous System, whether your organs are working optimally, and whether there is appropriate biochemistry in your body to address current situations and assist your body in cleaning up past damage. There are numerous challenges that your body faces on a daily basis. The question becomes whether it is readily able to handle these situations as they arise? These are the steps required for whole-body assessment and corrections for optimal, and lasting results.  

Now is the time for you to get checked. How much better would your body run if it were perfectly tuned and fed. We evaluate, tune and check your nervous system, organ health and cooperation between those organs and the nervous system. You check the fluids and levels in your car; shouldn't we be as smart about our bodies? For more information about Aloha Wellness's Full body biochemical nutritional assessment and correction services, call 210-377-3379, or schedule an appointment!

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