Do I really need X-rays?


At Aloha Wellness, we've chosen to be less invasive regarding radiation and x-rays. We use Insight© software to determine the levels of involvement without the use of x-rays. Because we have used the software for over 20 years with and without the use of x-rays, we have determined that the levels of involvement are well identified by the use of Insight©. If there is trauma, such as a car accident, a major fall, or ongoing arthritic conditions, we refer our x-rays out of the practice to be taken by radiologists. Rest assured if there is an x-ray needed, we will work with you to obtain one. In most instances, we have found that the use of x-rays as standard practice is excessive and unnecessary. 

X-rays are an industry standard in healthcare. The medical community uses x-ray to

  1. Rule out fractures following injury or trauma
  2. Assess joint or spinal disease
  3. Determine other pathology for diagnosis.

The chiropractic community uses x-rays in the same way as the medical community but additionally uses x-rays for the determination of subluxation, alignment and degeneration. 

Typical use of radiological imaging is in the case of trauma, injury, disease, etc. X-rays give an impression of the bone presentation, alignment, spacing and degeneration. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT or CAT) scan are used for complex bone and joint issues and distinguishing details of other soft tissues. All provide findings for anatomical structures and their corresponding tissues. 

Chiropractors have used spinal x-rays to determine vertebral subluxations. This is different than using the x-ray for spinal alignment and degeneration. Vertebral subluxations are the nerve interference affecting the body's function. Vertebral subluxations can be identified in other ways. By measuring the specific range of motion, muscular tone and imbalance, and autonomic function of each of the spinal levels, subluxation can be determined without the use of x-ray. Insight© and Myovision© are two companies that have developed software programs to correlate findings of vertebral subluxation with or without the use of x-ray. 

For the discussion of alignment, numerous chiropractic techniques require the use of x-rays to determine necessary corrections. A few other techniques have determined that the use of x-ray for determining alignment is wrought with errors due to positioning, movement, posture, etc.

If you have any questions about the use of X-rays, we are always available to talk with you through the pros and cons in your situation.  Don’t hesitate to ask! For more information, call Aloha Wellness at 210-377-3379, or schedule an appointment!

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